About Us

The Abortion Education Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about the real and serious impact of abortion as well as the alternatives to an abortion. The Abortion Education Center is part of the Human Life of Washington Education Foundation which is led by Dan Kennedy. Our goal is to reveal the following truths about abortion and its alternatives.

  • It is a scientific fact that human life begins at conception.
  • Abortion takes a human life because the unborn are real people, just like you.
  • Abortion often impacts the mother psychologically and has serious potential medical consequences.
  • Abortion often impacts the father for life with grief and guilt.
  • There are valuable alternatives to abortion such as adoption that save a life and provide a child to a family desiring an adoption.

Our approach to delivering these truths is simple: we facilitate dialogue about the unborn, abortion and abortion alternatives with young people on the internet and in marketplace locations. Through dramatic presentations, our drama team educates the public about abortion and its alternatives. During our dialogue, we allow people in the marketplace to touch fetal models and discuss the unborn and abortion. We also provide 3D/4D videos of the unborn as effective tools in the educational process.